Social Media Strategy

Social networks Performance

We will set you up with a  social media strategy that fosters meaningful conversations and drives conversions to purchase your product or service.

One out of every four minutes spent online is on social networks–it is critical to be present and active on these networks. We will work with you to define your social media strategy to drive traffic to your website. This will improve your SEO and the number of people contacting you or buying your products or online services. We then measure exactly what social networks have contributed to your overall digital strategy with our expertise in web analytics.

Finally, we can also continually monitor social networks to protect and manage your brand image while exploring business opportunities.

Community Management and Development

Developing and managing  online communities promotes a solid online audience and encourage users to become brand ambassadors. Now, there are masses of niches, but no mass market, as can be seen by the diversity of online communities on social networks.

It is important to meet your community’s expectations and take their needs into account. In turn, this increases visibility and promotes awareness of your business–these communities are an important source of income.