Search engine optimization (SEO) and Marketing (SEM)


In addition to defining your digital positioning, good search engine optimization (SEO) or paid search engine marketing (SEM) can be the key to differentiate you from your competitors. We can work with you to implement effective SEO strategies and help improve your results on search engines, specifically Google.

We are Google AdWords certified and are accredited trainers; our team will accompany you while setting up your AdWords campaign to improve your visibility, or to organically optimize your SEO strategy. SEO is an ongoing process, not something to do once and forget, we will support you and following up on your performance to continually optimize your visibility.

Search engines are widely used for purchase decision making—it is critical to make sure you’re visible to your target customers and those doing research online. We will advise you on how to to drive good traffic to your online entities by working on your SEO web, mobile, or social.

All the sites we develop are responsive, meaning they’re accessible from all devices (desktop, mobile, tablet…), which improves your Google search ranking. It is now down ranking sites that are not responsive for mobile searches.

We will measure and provide you with detailed reports of these AdWords campaigns in order to optimize them together. We also advise to improve your SEO, working that your website respect the norms of the particular web accessibility, SEM or by implementing a customized SEO strategy, adapted and tailored to your business goals.

Content Strategy

A coherent and thoughtful content strategy is the key to successful search engine optimization and for long term online visibility. This can make the difference between you and your competitors, allowing you to be permanently at the top results on search engines.

Whether we’re writing and creating new content for you, or translating existing content, this will allow you to create engagement and community around your brand while expanding your customer base and scope of your communication.


The translation of your content can be directed to a wider audience and so you won’t miss out on business opportunities.