Market analysis

What’s your competitive advantage, both offline and online? We provide this market analysis to evaluate, study and understand your target market’s needs, the composition of your market, as well as your existing, potential, and indirect competitors. The competitive landscape targets the same clients and meets the same needs as you, without necessarily offering the same products or services, or by offering different solutions.

A market analysis:

  • Minimizes the risk of failure when launching a project or product
  • Optimizes your profit by discovering new business opportunities
  • Makes sure that your product is a good match for consumers and for the maturity of the market

After that, we will provide strategic recommendations that will increase the likelihood of success in your digital strategy.
The market study will also inform decisions to reevaluate your digital positioning and your marketing strategy.

Defining your business needs

What is your business plan–and how can the web feed its success? Starting with an evaluation we can evaluate what your needs are and if your business model needs to be readapted faced with the constant evolution of the digital environment.

Business intelligence

We also can monitor and keep you in the loop with ongoing business intelligence reports to keep an eye on the evolution of your competitive environment, be it for existing competitors or for competitors just entering the market. This intelligence will look at different strategic metrics and can include your online reputation, specifically on social media.