Strategic and technical analyses

CleverToday offers several types of audits, from purely technical to just marketing. For web projects, audits make sure that you start off on solid ground before diving into a project by evaluating your holistic digital presence. These analyses can be technical or strategic. They can also look at one specific element in more depth, for example, your search engine performance (SEO), your search engine marketing (SEM), analytics, or the accessibility of your website.

Most of the time, we look at a business issue and divide it into sub-issues (technical or strategic). We recommend starting with an overview of the current situation (audit) before changing or launching a project.

This analysis of your situation helps us identify current obstacles to improve and actions to take, as well as decisions to make in your business, your online presence, and your digital environment. We’ve noticed that many projects fail because the issue was not identified. Starting with an audit helps us avoid this problem.

Generally, the audit requires 1 to 10% of the total project costs. Often, the process will end up saving you much more money in the end, though.

Strategic recommendations

After your audit, we’ll provide strategic recommendations as well as a clear and detailed overview of your current situation. In turn, you can better evaluate your needs, the difficulties you’ll face, how much it will cost, and the timeframe for your project.