Web and Mobile Analytics

Cross platform analytics

We’ll help you to interpret and measure data from the web and mobile. To understand your user engagement, it’s not enough to just put your app on the App Store or on Google Play. We start by defining clear key performance indicators (KPI) in order to optimize your application, to convert your users and to reach the goals you set.

Looking at your results in Flurry, AppAnnie or Google Analytics for Apps, you can easily see the indicators to analyse the performance of your app and web strategy.

Similarly, looking at your performance on social networks can show you the real reach of your social media strategy on your income. So, we measure and compare the performance and financial investment linked to both your social platforms, your website, or your mobile application to measure the partial or global return on investment (ROI) to make sure your strategy is paying off.

Concrete numbers are also a great basis to start looking at the different ways to optimize and improve your performance across platforms. Using Google Analytics, specifically Google Analytics Premium, will help develop and analyze important data on your website, mobile app or other digital platforms.

As an accredited training organization, CleverToday also offers trainings on Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager so you can become comfortable with these tools.

Tests and optimization

In addition to performance reports related to the data collected on different platforms, tests allow you to evaluate better opportunities and options to ensure success.

A/B testing as a methodology of testing to compare variations of the same thing (homepage A v. homepage B). That allows you to validate which idea is the best suited to reach your goals. By comparing several versions of the same page, form, or design, you can figure out exactly what page or what design is the most appreciated by your users, which leads to the most conversions, or which app is most popular. The data at the end will indicate which one to keep.

We will work alongside you to make suggestions for changes to test and improve upon. We can also provide recommendations, eventual adjustments, and a detailed performance report based on the data provided by the different tests.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is “transforming data into information that can be used to make decisions.” The visualization and interpretation of complex data with specialized tools offers an overview of a specific activity and can support the decision-maker to make the most prudent decision in digital strategy.

We provide expertise to support the choice of tools to put in place, and to analyze the data that define lifecycles and recurring behaviors. Research and exploration of the data used in understanding and optimizing your web presence and strategy thus avoids incomplete information and, most importantly, rash decisions.