Performance Metrics Strategy

Data analysis

When we implement a measurement strategy, we determine the appropriate tools for your business goals objectives and key performance indicators (KPI), always based on the most important data and the user behavior you are trying to analyze.

Then, we will analyze the results of these KPIs in order to identify new niches or growth segments and to make recommendations for better decisions. Some indicators are not always easy to read or follow up on, so we will continually work with you to support your ongoing analysis data, while painting an accurate picture of your web performance.

Our certified Analytics & Google AdWords experts and certified trainers will accompany you throughout your choices to ensure that your metrics and analysis strategy is in line with your business model. They will also work the effective use of data to transform them into useful information for your business. We also propose to introduce and familiarize you with the science data through training.


Whether you want to define and interpret your conversion tunnel, optimize your conversion rate, or attract qualified leads, we consistently follow up your performance to evaluate the return on investment (ROI) of our metrics and analysis strategy, to continually develop it based on these metrics.

Once your metrics tools are in place and configured and your measurement parameters are established, we provide the reports and dashboards to bring you a good estimate of the important performance indicators. Reading these data and performance indicators will support the changes that will be made to your website to increase your revenue and achieve your business goals online.

Evaluating and organizing data allows us to understand how your visitors interact with your site, so we can work with you to better meet the goals you set for your website or mobile app .

Our tools (Google Analytics, Omniture, Piwik, Google Tag Manager, etc.) are used to put solutions in place that are adapted to your business needs or changing performance indicators. This optimization process is ongoing, following the analysis of data collected, we will suggest changes to your overall digital strategy in order to get the best possible return on investment and to increase user satisfaction.