Retailers in Montreal: How Can You Start Simply on the Internet?

Understand the web reality in Quebec

The last figures from the CEFRIO survey about the e-commerce consuming habits in Quebec, revealed that:

  • 56% of Quebecers buy online;
  • Fashion is ranked top 3, after travels and cultural goods;
  • US online purchasing websites (eBay or Amazon) are used the Quebecers massively.

These mega-marketplaces benefit from a very good SEO, concentrate many products from the same brand and increase the battle price between the retailers. Thus, you need to set up the right Web tools to reach Quebecers and the rest of the market.

The 3-step solution could be to build an online shop, to monitor the visitors’ behavior carefully and make them like your products on the social networks!

The Winning Trio: Shopify + Google Analytics + Facebook

If your products are original and rare, it is even more important to show them online. The originality will always be your best weapon against the online competition!

A Shopify Online Shop

We compared several e-commerce platforms and must admit that Shopify is the best platform to build an online shop:

  1. Design is entirely customizable
  2. The platform is adapted to mobile devices by default
  3. The back-end ordering system is solid and secure
  4. Google Analytics’ trackings are customizable (further details below)

However, Shopify takes a commission pourcentage on each sale and is no more interesting when a certain amount of sales is exceeded. On the other hand, there are SEO possibilities but this might be difficult to deploy without the help of an expert.

A Google Analytics Account

At CleverToday, we consider that Google Analytics is a tool that is absolutely necessary to understand online sales. Once it is well set up, you can collect the most specific stats from the traffic on your website. These stats are mandatory to understand:

  • the general behavior of your visitors (where do they come from? which product do they prefer? why do they leave your website? etc);
  • if your advertising campaigns and the budget you invest really lead to a purchase as expected or if you need to invest in other sources;
  • if your website works well on every page from a technical point of view, especially during the sign in process or the last steps of a purchase;
  • what could be put in place to increase your online sales.

Different tools can also be used:

  • Dashboards
  • Channel grouping
  • Sale funnel
  • E-commerce enhanced
  • etc.

A Facebook Page

Social networks are the image of your brand, the one by whom you will build your enthusiastic community and engage all these persons online. Be careful with one common belief: social networks don’t attract direct buyers but they are necessary for your shop notoriety.

3 pieces of advise to succeed on the social networks:

  1. Share the most beautiful pictures of your products. Pictures are the type of content that is always preferred and most shared on the social networks, well ahead of links and videos. The more they are appealing, the more they will consolidate the fan community of your shop.
  2. Publish as often as you can. Regular content publishing is crucial for your fans/followers to receive your information in their newsfeed among all the other posts from their friends.
  3. Facebook is preferred in Quebec, but it can still ne interesting to check the results you get with Twitter and Pinterest.

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