reelyActive is a Montreal-based startup who develops a specific technology for connected objects. Initially accelerated by FounderFuel in 2012, reelyActive was rewarded as the “World’s Best Startup” in 2013.

How to connect an app to all OS for a specific technology of connected objects?

reelyActive’s technology remains on Beacon-like sensors connected to a cloud service which manages real-time data. The startup then wished that its technology could be integrated into commercial apps for its clients.
Therefore, we found a solution that could ease the technical integration on the client’s side and we simplified the access to a technology that could be insufficiently mastered.

Defining a dedicated Software Kit of Development

We programmed the SDK for mobile so that reealyActive’s technology could be supported on iOS and Android. We could take up two major technical challenges on each OS:

  • on iOS, to maintain the ability of phones to support the continuous capture of sensor signals
  • on Android, to support all existing versions of the OS.

We also added the ability to integrate the technology into another hardware through another SDK for Android.

Today, all the clients of reelyActive use the service we have developed.

Project Information