Portable North Pole

Portable North Pole is an online platform held by UGroupMedia to create custom Christmas videos. With millions of users every year, it is one of the most downloaded iOS mobile applications during the holiday season.

Our Collaboration

Have you ever wanted to wow your child with a magical, personally addressed, call or video from Santa Claus? That’s the idea behind the Portable North Pole, to keep the magic of Christmas alive.

UGroupMedia needed to upgrade its platform to make it more performant and live up to the concept’s potential. Over three seasons, we went through two overhauls to refresh the design, increase the technical performance, and fix the right metrics to encourage online shopping up to speed.

Rebuilding the website and the mobile application to recreate the magic of Christmas

To update their online identity, we redefined their online brand guide, with color coding for every call to action and category—for example, green for free videos, yellow for unlimited subscription. Similarly, the user experience was revised to simplify unlimited video subscriptions, to better address adults purchasing videos for children, and to ensure coherency between the website and the mobile application. Then, we made sure the old site, emails, and email blasts were completely responsive.

Continuous testing and data analysis so nothing is left to chance.

Our analytics showed that we needed to optimize everything for mobile devices, including mass emails. Then, we did A/B testing on all sections of the website, and on the mobile application, to confirm or challenge our ideas on increasing conversions. This is absolutely essential for a client who depends exclusively on online revenues. We explored all possibilities to increase revenues, in addition to the SEO and AdWords campaigns we managed.

Finally, we improved the email database and provided consulting on Business Intelligence to the Finance Director.

Services provided:

  • UI & UI
  • Web Analytics
  • Mobile Analytics
  • Application development

Project Information