How Google’s “New Deal” will Impact Montreal Real Estate

New Algorithm: Google’s New Deal

Google is changing the SEO rules to reflect a new reality: more and more users visit websites on their smartphone.

Mobile has dethroned desktop computers: 3 billion users access the internet from mobile devices, a 39% increase compared with desktop computers. To stay visible and listed, websites simply must be mobile-friendly.

A mobile-friendly real-estate market?

Google added a new condition to its algorithm to improve the ranking of mobile-friendly websites, making waves for the increasing use of websites and apps to look up real-estate information. A 2012 study by Rightmove highlights the trend: the first English real-estate portal showed one in three searchers are on mobile. We can understand the issues facing real-estate agents and agencies.

Web trends in the Montreal real-estate market

Over 10,000 agents and 1,200 agencies share the deeply competitive Quebec real-estate market. With up to 20 sellers for one buyer in some Montreal boroughs, and a balance point is between eight and ten sellers for one buyer, agents have a hard time finding new clients.

In order to stand out, you need a personalized, mobile-friendly website.  That’s in addition to great search result performance, without which you’ll have a hard time being found. A Cornell study found that 40% of users click the first search result. Having your own website, built for mobile devices, is necessary for organic SEO and attracting new clients.

For Montreal businesses, and especially in the real-estate industry, having a responsive website that works on all devices (tablets, iPhones, etc.), improves user experience. This also improves your mobile visibility, which in turn helps your search ranking.

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