How to develop your personal brand

Apple, Microsoft and … you!

What is the common point between Apple, Microsoft and… you?

All three of you are a brand. Although in your case, we’re talking about your personal brand. This concept refers to the importance of your image and your online presence in reaching your audience.

Whether you are a CEO and looking to attract new talent (the founder image often influences the image that people have of their business, such as Steve Jobs with Apple), looking for employment and want to draw the attention of headhunters, or self-employed in search of new customers, it is critical to develop your personal brand.

From knowing yourself to being known

Why do we talk about personal brands?

“Personal marketing refers to creating and managing the brand of an individual, rather than a product. This personal brand is the addition of a reputation and a professional identity. ”

Before you’re known, you need to understand yourself, define yourself, and learn how to introduce yourself–hence the importance of your pitch and messaging. These are the building blocks to create and manage your own personal brand. Knowing yourself better (self knowledge – your strengths/weaknesses and motivations), in order to make yourself more known (identity – promote yourself professionally) and finally to be more recognized (reputation – to position yourself as an expert in your field).

Effective communication allows you to communicate a message and to promote it with the right tools, hence the importance of having an online presence and promoting yourself on social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter ).

While avoiding communication errors such as the unfortunate update from Justine Sacco below, formerly employee at Interactive Corp.
Justine Sacco

Justine Sacco

When you are the brand, it’s important to be careful!

For more information, see the entire presentation of Alexander below.

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