6 Web Marketing Methods for Software Companies

Depending on the marketing campaigns you developed already, the benefits of Web marketing will surely be the lowest cost risk channel compared to fairs or product demos. The software company Firefish, who was still a startup at that time, took the gamble of Inbound Marketing and allocated its limited budget to the Marketing team even before the Sales team to collect a maximum of qualified leads.

#1. A mobile and ergonomic website

It is not unusual to see software companies using their internal engineers to design or redesign their corporate website, which is usually a success from a technical point of view. However, these websites will sometimes miss the external view of a marketer or an ergonomist who will hierarchize pages and place the call-to-actions at the right place to redirect potential prospects to key pages, such as the product, demo, quote or contact pages.

#2. SEO complying with the latest rules

SEO is a central method for Inbound Marketing campaigns. The process is quite long, requiring up to 6 months and you must keep in mind that Google recently changed the rules since April 2015 to grant mobile websites, with hot and relevant content according to the semantic of the search typed.
You can get a first idea of the compliancy of your current website by typing its URL in PageSpeed: https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/

#3. Newsletters mentioning the latest solutions

Email marketing is the most powerful conversion channel in B2B online marketing. Thus, a newsletter will be the best chance for you to inform your contact base of the latest updates of your software, the additional features you recently developed or eventually highlight the latest issues of an industry that your software can solve.
Analyze the opening and click rates of each newsletter and determine your best internal practice and best content. Offer also the possibility to unsubscribe automatically not to irritate your contacts.

#4. Demo-video on a homepage or a product page

Your prospects will like to get an idea of the software interface and its related features. Better than a simple product sheet, a promotional video can satisfy this need. Indeed, watching promotional videos is a growing fact and a confirmed conversion vector.

#5. Webinars for demo (live or not)

Webinars can also be an alternative to promotional video: if you cannot produce videos, why not organizing a webinar that can introduce your product? Webinars help in gaining your prospects’ trust while educating them. These webinars also perfectly match with a content strategy because its content can be summarized and reused in a blog post or a newsletter sent to the online attendees.

#6. Social networks for sharing your content

It goes without saying that social networks will increase the visibility of all the content you would have produced for the newsletters, video and webinar announcements. The online communities that would follow you will increase the online notoriety of your products, generate a different traffic to your (mobile and ergonomic 😉 ) website and increase your SEO.

Other methods can also be applied depending on the nature of your softwares (can be downloaded on a desktop directly? tailored-made only?). These methods include creating keywords campaigns (SEM/PPC), sharing posts to the magazines of your industry, contributing to forum discussions or sending PAD files to download sites.
More generally, Marketo stats confirmed the most effective lead generation methods in B2B for all industries combined:

Now it’s your turn!
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